Lanitis Aristophanous


Lanitis Aristophanous was established in May 2000 following the merger of two of the leading timber traders in Cyprus. N.P. Lanitis' timber division and Evangelos Aristophanous Ltd (timber division). founded in 1956. With many years of combined experience, deep knowledge and commitment in the trading of quality timber and specialized construction materials, Lanitis Aristophanous was soon established as the undisputed market leader in timber trading island wide.

Lanitis Aristophanous trades a full range of quality products in three main categories: timber, specialized building materials and sanitary ware. Timber and its by-products form the backbone of its operations, as the company satisfies a large percentage of market requirements in softwoods, hardwoods and timber related industrial products such as MDF, chipboard, veneered MDF, veneered chipboard, OSB and plywood.


Through its specialized building materials department, the company aims to provide the building industry with quality materials and a wide range of product lines, such as sophisticated thermal (extruded polystyrene – XPS, rock wool, glass wool, wood wool) and acoustic insulating materials and dry wall lining including gypsum boards, cement boards, exterior sheathing, false ceilings and suspension systems. Demountable partitions are also available with a variety of applicable glass, wood, marble finishes and more. To add to the selection, roofing options of clay or metal tiles, shingles and accessories are available as well as eco- friendly decorative products versatile for indoor and outdoor design solutions.

Lanitis Aristophanous' Sanitary Ware, Ceramics and Parquet department offers unique and stylish products and services of the highest quality standards and aesthetic appeal catering to all tastes, budgets and requirements. The wide range of products are exhibited at two modern and welcoming showrooms in Nicosia and Lemesos. These include wash basins, WCs, bidets, shower cabins/cubicles, shower trays, wellness systems, bathtubs with whirlpool systems, mixers, mirrors, etc., along with accessories to add the final touches. The selection of ceramic tiles are also available in an array of patterns, textures, colours and mosaic designs suitable for any indoor or outdoor space. Finally, parquet and decking options introduce practical solutions for residential as well as commercial settings. The product line includes solid parquet, engineered 2 or 3 layer parquet, bathroom parquet, laminate flooring and decking. To ensure the finest results, all the above are installed and monitored by an in-house team of experienced technicians.

The company has placed its seal on thousands of projects directly or indirectly, from the simplest to the most complex developments, fostering a close client relationship in every project, while delivering service excellence, high customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Lanitis Aristophanous enjoys a highly credible reputation in the Cyprus business community and remains committed to offering quality products and services based on new technologies and advanced standards.