About Us

N.P. Lanitis Ltd was founded in 1896 and over the decades formed the backbone of the Lanitis Group. Today, it has evolved into a dynamic private equity company.  

Through its various subsidiaries and associated companies, N.P. Lanitis Ltd has a diversified investment portfolio in various key sectors of the Cyprus economy. These include trading, leisure & entertainment, restaurants and events venues, energy and renewables, commodities, construction and property development.

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N.P. Lanitis was founded in 1896 by the two sons of the founder of the Lanitis Group, Panayis Sykas from Lania (later known as Panayis Lanitis), Nicolas and Costas P. Lanitis. Over the decades, the company formed the backbone of the Lanitis Group with general trade (fertilizers, timber, iron, construction products, home appliances, machines, generators, etc.), being the focus of the company's activities.

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