Associated Companies

Lanitis Aristophanous

Lanitis Aristophanous Ltd trades three main lines of business: a) timber and its by-products (softwoods, hardwoods and timber-related industrial products such as MDF, chipboard, OSB and plywood; b) specialized building materials; and c) sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, parquet floors and decking.

L.C.A. Domiki

L.C.A. Domiki LTD, firmly established in the steel industry in Cyprus, specialises in reinforcing steel and ancillary products. The company procures and imports their products from the world's finest producers in full compliance with EU construction product regulations and EU/CY material standards.


Cybarco, member of the Lanitis Group, has been shaping Cyprus since 1945. A leader in development and construction, the company has a track record of creating iconic residences and innovative projects, in Cyprus and further afield.