Over 100 years ago, N.P. Lanitis began its first activities as a small trading company. Now, as a private equity investment company, each component stands firm on its own, but all contribute to the strength and diversity of our dynamic corporate structure.

N.P. Lanitis was founded in 1896 by the two sons of the founder of the Lanitis Group, Panayis Sykas from Lania (later known as Panayis Lanitis), Nicolas and Costas P. Lanitis. Over the decades, the company formed the backbone of the Lanitis Group with general trade (fertilizers, timber, iron, construction products, home appliances, machines, generators, etc.), being the focus of the company's activities.

Notable milestones include the formation of The Cyprus Silk Filature Ltd in 1940,  the establishment of the shipping agency Amathus Navigation Ltd in 1943 and the establishment of the Cyprus Building and Road Construction Company (Cybarco) in 1946 as well as the creation of the Cyprus Paint Company (KEX) in 1960. In the same year, the company expanded its activities outside Cyprus with the creation of N.P. Lanitis (HELLAS) in Athens and N.P. Lanitis (UK) in London. In 1963 the N.P. Lanitis took on the representation of the Italian company AGIP for nationwide distribution of Agip Gas.

The years of independence were a period of continuous progress for the company that continued after the invasion of 1974. Characteristically, in 1999 Lanitis Xylapo was created in Greece and in 2000, after collaborations and mergers, the companies Lanitis Aristophanous (timber) and Domiki (building steel) were founded. In 2001 the N.P. Lanitis proceeded with the development of the area around the "Lanitis Carob Mills" by the Medieval Castle in Limassol where the "Evagora Lanitis Center" (now Ceronia Hall) is housed and various food & beverage outlets and venues operate.

In 2005-2006, N.P. Lanitis reorganized its operations through a restructuring process, and set up its future strategic direction and focus, transforming itself from a trading company to a private equity investment company managing several ventures. The company actively pursued new growth opportunities through mergers, acquisitions and other strategic alliances in existing and new growing markets. Through its various subsidiaries and associated companies, N.P. Lanitis Ltd has a diversified investment portfolio in various key sectors of the Cyprus economy. These include trading, leisure & entertainment, restaurants and events venues, energy and renewables, commodities, construction and property development.

Today, after more than a century of continuous growth and success, N.P. Lanitis Ltd has firmly established a leading position in the Cyprus business community. The Company is well-prepared and has all the required resources in place to exploit new investment opportunities emerging from advancements in technology and product development in a diverse range of markets in Cyprus and abroad.