The Lanitis Carob Mill Complex

The Lanitis Carob Mill complex, owned by N.P.Lanitis Ltd, subsidiary company of the Lanitis Group, is located in one of the most historical areas of Limassol between the medieval castle of the town and the Limassol Marina. It was originally built in the late 1800’s and used as a warehouse and later on converted into a carob mill in the late 1920’s until 1960.The traditional milling equipment is situated in the central bay of the building which has been restored as a carob museum.

The Lanitis Carob Mill complex currently consists of the Carob Mill Museum, Ceronia Hall and Richard & Berengaria Ballrooms for conferences and social events, and restaurants operated by Carob Mill Restaurants Ltd.

Through the renovation works that took place in 2000, the architects managed to blend the authentic atmosphere of the past with the sophisticated modern/contemporary look of the present. The original form of the building was preserved with its stone walls, pitched roofs and skylights, while at the same time integrated the new elements of lightweight construction in such a way that they can be removed without affecting the original building fabric. The corrugated steel and asbestos roof sheeting was removed, and new, imported, laminated timber trusses were installed to take the weight of the new roof covering, which is designed to offer a high standard thermal and acoustic insulation. All areas are equipped with environmental control systems.