Lanitis Energy

Lanitis Energy

Lanitis Energy, a subsidiary of N.P. Lanitis, member of the Lanitis Group, operates in the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) sector and the emerging Cyprus energy market in general. Through Lanitis Energy’s subsidiaries, Lanitis Electrics, Conercon Energy Solutions and Lanitis Gas, the company offers a broad spectrum of electrical products and specialized goods and services in photovoltaics, liquefied petroleum gas, and energy saving systems.

The strategic objective of Lanitis Energy is to maintain a strong presence in the emerging energy market of Cyprus and to introduce and implement new technologies, products and services in the sector that it operates in. Its primary continuous goal is to intensify/reinforce the scale and the synergies in order to maximize benefits for existing and potential customers, partners and other member companies.


Lanitis Energy portfolio includes the following:
Lanitis Electrics

Lanitis Electrics, subsidiary of Lanitis Energy, operates in the market of electrical supplies offering an extensive product line consisting of cables, wires, wiring accessories, circuit protection, automation devices, fire detection systems, cable management systems, etc

Aligning itself with highly reputable global manufacturers, Lanitis Electrics represents well recognized international brands known for their excellent quality and highest standards. These include Honeywell MK, Hager Electro, 3M, Gent by Honeywell, El Sewedy Cables, Deta Electrical, Videx Electronics, Mennekes Elektrotechnik, Elemko, Lordos Plastics and others.

Operating as both wholesaler and retailer, Lanitis Electrics caters to all segments of the market, with its client base ranging from electrical contractors to individual electricians, retailers and homeowners.

The key to the company’s success stems from over six decades of experience and strong relationships with suppliers, clients and employees, as well as its ability to offer a complete range of quality products with market driven prices and excellent customer service.

Lanitis Gas

Lanitis Gas was founded in 2005 and is the exclusive distributor in Cyprus of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) Agip-Eurogas supplied by Petrolina Holdings. In a brief time period, the company has established itself as one of the most competitive companies in the LPG sector, providing services in the field of trade/sale and distribution of LPG in bulk and cylinders.

With ample storage space, a well-organized sales network covering all of Cyprus and a large fleet of vehicles at hand, Lanitis Gas Ltd is fully equipped to meet the market needs, whatever the requirements. With the required technical knowledge and experience, the Company is able to provide comprehensive solutions for specialized installations and in the most demanding cases of use of LPG in bulk both in storage and in LPG networks.

The company supplies gas cylinders to supermarkets, small and large retail outlets, restaurants, cafeterias, etc and also supplies bulk gas to hotels, grill-houses, bakeries, restaurants, factories, etc, offering services and solutions in its relevant field.

LPG, as one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly types of fuel, nowadays constitutes one of the major energy needs in almost all areas of everyday life: for heating, in the catering industry, industrial areas and as a propellant.

Conercon Energy Solutions

Conercon Energy Solutions, subsidiary of Lanitis Energy, holds a pioneering role for sixteen years in the Cyprus Renewable Energy market, energy production and savings, in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Having put in place a long-term development program in the broad sector of renewables, the company has successfully installed to date, photovoltaic systems exceeding 40MW.

Conercon Energy Solutions fully utilizes the latest technologies in the design, sale and installation of photovoltaic systems of the highest standards both for residential, commercial and industrial sectors as well as large-scale PV parks.

Through this long-term energy program, the strategic goal of the company is the collaboration with well-recognized global partners and suppliers in the renewables industry thus ensuring both physical and legal entities, the highest return on investment while guaranteeing top quality. Such companies include Luxor, Bauer, Kostal, Fimer/ABB, Azzurro, Solar Edge and Muskita.

With a stellar technical department, both in equipment and labour force, Conercon Energy Solutions firmly stands by the client even after the initial investment while providing the entire range of services, technology and expertise in the renewable energy field.

This expertise is further with Authorized Service Partners of the German company KACO New Energy GmbH and the Swiss STUDER Innotec.

The sixteen years of experience and know-how of the company are enhanced and strengthened by securing collaborations with Italian companies such as FIMER/ABB and Azzurro, as Authorized Service Partners in the Cyprus market.

Realizing that the use of renewable energy has become a priority, the shift to green energy sources is most likely the only way to reverse climate change already threatening the planet, while reducing dependence on traditional forms of energy; a position which firmly aligns with the principles of Conercon Energy Solutions to make a difference.